Fish Collector & Supplier for Aquariums

Mediterranean Fish Procurement

TDE is a fish collector and fish supplier for large and public aquariums & provides Mediterranean fish for aquatic facilities, aquaria and ponds. Our company uses certified sea creatures which are completely caught by our team using sustainable methods in specific geographical regions of the world. Our company has its own dedicated team for collecting fish.

Those fish are the residents of the designed aquarium systems we deliver to our customers. However to do this we follow a strict  procedure for the benefit of our customers.

As soon as the fish have been caught and before we provide the fish to the final aquarium we keep them in quarantine environment.

TDE maintains its own research and development facilities and support more than 1,000,000 liters of water containers. At this point the fish breed and reproduce more fish. Moreover our professionals study and examine the fish and provide the healthy living organisms to our customers.