A Complete Aquarium Designer Company

TDE is a manufacturing company which has a wide project management experience in the aquarium industry. TDE designs aquariums and delivers turnkey public aquarium all over the world. Specifically TDE is the only Turkish company active in the sea aquarium industry since 1991.

TDE partners with its customers in every project it does. Accordingly our experienced engineering team delivers special aquarium designs of the highest quality. Equally important we deliver our work at the shortest time possible, always based on a customer friendly budget.

A complete aquarium designer company

TDE is an Aquarium Designer Company and delivers turnkey projects worldwide.

Our area of expertise is:

  • Project planning,
  • Detailed design,
  • Evaluation engineering,
  • Exhibit area design,
  • Habitat replication and
  • Large aquarium building.

Aquarium habitat replication and special coral production

TDE provides special coral production as well as habitat replications which are crucial for a successful aquatic project. Our company maintains a modern Research & Development Center at its own facilities. We are supplied with the best life support systems and aquarium filtration equipment. Therefore we are able to produce and examine all fish species in our headquarters which covers an area of 2000 m2 in Izmir. In addition we have quarantine and adaptation pools with a capacity of 300,000 liters which are appropriate for sharks, rays as well as other fish and tropical species.

Finally our company has a partnership with the university and the private sector in order to support the environment and eco-friendly technologies.

Aquarium research & development facilities
Aquarium research & development facilities