Aquarium Decoration & Wet Decorative

TDE Boutique Aquarium Team

TDE Aquarium Boutique Team targets the architectural traces of the location where the aquarium can be kept as well as the most natural living environment for the aquatic creatures. Our company offers wonderful aquarium decoration and wet decorative for large aquariums by providing a excellent living environment and natural residence for fish.

Consequently our team creates a natural residence for fish by using modeling methods. Specifically we use an award winning natural mold which is preferred by fish and people.

Additionally we use aquarium compatible and suitable paints which are non toxic for the creatures and resistant to the corrosion effects of the water. In addition we make the aquatic exhibit stronger by using special lacquers.

Our company provides alternative aquarium decoration which differs from others. In fact we provide identical to the original source of nature for each project. We do that for all theme aquariums.

Furthermore we transform the interior design of the aquarium and wet decorative with authentic ideas and striking prominence.